Funny video - American speaks Hungarian for the first time
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Feb 29, 2016

They say Hungarian is a difficult language and after watching this video I don’t know what to think.

Because there are many lame videos about foreigners trying to speak Hungarian and fail, but this girl is actually pretty good. She has problems with the pronunciation, but it’s absolutely bearable. The one-word sentences are almost perfect, so if you want to hear some funny things, you have to wait until the longer phrases. Maybe our mother tongue is not so special than we think…

Difficulty of a language is quite relative though. Of course there are some hardcore ones like Chinese or Vietnamese, but European languages considered to be moderately difficult at most. And yes, the Hungarian language is special, but just as much as any of the other languages. In fact, there is nothing you couldn’t find examples for in other languages, in some cases in even more extreme forms.

Another reason for considering Hungarian as a special language is that only a few people speak it. That is, not really. The 13 million native speakers are insignificant compared to Spanish and English, but there are a total of 5-6 thousand languages on the world and Hungarian is the 57th biggest among them. So learning a few words is more useful than you might think.

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