21st Jewish Cultural Festival
Posted by Budnews · Aug 1, 2018

 Get to know the Jewish traditions, celebrations, Jewish culture and art.

The Jewish Quarter of Budapest is one of the most popular areas by tourists, because of its breathtaking architecture, atmospheric streets and lots of events all year round. You can always find something exciting to do there, from visiting the Synagogue to have a drink at Gozsdu Court. If you’d like to learn more about this area, or you are interested in the Jewish culture and traditions, the Jewish Summer Festival is a perfect opportunity to visit places you haven’t been before, listen to great concerts in one of the biggest synagogues in the world, or just wandering around the neighborhood.

The festival is being held since 1998, and it offers diverse programs for everyone. The focus may be on music – the best traditional Klezmer musicians come to play here from all around the world -, but the festival has wide range of programs. Avisha Cohen Trio, Budapest Klezmer Band, Barcelona Gipsy Balkan Orchestra, and the biggest names of the Hungarian music world come on stage. We’re also really looking forward the „Djerba, Jewish community in the heart of the Arabian world” exhibition and the „talking letters” reading night, where great performers read the letters of famous musicians, historians and famous artists.

Jewish Cultural Festival awaits visitors between 26 August and 2 September in the center of Budapest. Theater plays, discussions, photo exhibitions and screenings will be a part of the festival as well. We can see and hear the flagship performers of Hungarian Jewish culture during this more than one week. The central venue of the program is the Dohány Street Synagogue this year as well, but numerous concerts will be held in 3 cult venues of downtown Pest. All of them are in the old Jewish quarter, which is still the intellectual and religious center of Hungarian Jewry:

Dohány Street Synagogue:

It’s one of the most important tourist attractions of Budapest and the world's second largest synagogue. The beautiful building was built in Moorish style in 1859, with a capacity of 3000 people. In 1996, after a five-year renovation, the synagogue was inaugurated again.

Goldmark Hall:

Goldmark Hall was the bastion of Jewish cultural life in the middle of the last century. When the anti-Jewish laws were in force, this was the only stage for the excluded artists to play. The hall remained the cultural center of the Jewish community after the Second World War as well.

Hegedűs Gyula Street Synagogue:

This Synagogue was built in 1911 and has been expanded with a beautiful courtyard in 1927. A special element of the interior is the colorful steel and glass roof that reminds us to the fanlights of the theater and cinema world of that era.

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