Hungary’s new image video is here and it’s breathtaking
Posted by Budnews · Nov 1, 2018

It beautifully presents how mesmerizing our country is.

Hungary and Budapest have an image movie every year, the aim is to highlight how beautiful this country is. The most memorable short film about the country was the one with Tony Curtis in 2007, when one of the biggest actors recommended Hungary with the cult movie title „Some Like It Hot”.

Although this year’s movie doesn’t have world stars in it, but we’re sure we will remember for this as well. Our new image movie claims Hungary as the wellspring of wonders, where the sky touches the ground. There are so many natural attractions, architectural excellence and leisure activities that almost one life is not enough to experience all of them. The film was shot at dozens of beautiful places like Tihany Benedictine Abbey, Hortobágy National Park, Lake Hévíz, City centre of Sopron, Nine-holed Bridge at Hortobágy, Buttes of the Balaton Uplands, St. Stephen's Basilica is Budapest, Visegrád Castle, Sziget Festival, or at Danube Bend.

The three and a half minute long video is titled Wow Hungary which is an abbreviation of Wellspring of Wonders. Caution: Goosebump alert!

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