The genius experimenter: László Moholy-Nagy exhibition opened
Posted by Budnews · Apr 2, 2019

The exhibition is just as special as his oeuvre.

László Moholy-Nagy is undoubtedly one on the biggest Hungarian photographers. Acknowledged figure of twentieth-century avantgarde art, and also one of the most distinguished teacher personalities of Bauhaus. As a versatile artist he had a radically experimental practice in the field of painting, sculpture, photography and film as well as commercial and industrial design and scenography. His visual art together with his theoretical and educational work, his photographs, films and photograms were of such significance that they have transformed our thinking about art.

This new exhibition, The genius experimenter is realized in the framework of Bauhaus 100 event and shows perfectly his genius. The exhibited photographs provide detailed and thorough insight into the work of Moholy-Nagy in the field of photography. The exhibition presents his work in three thematic sections: photogram experiments, photoplastics, and other experiments and abstractions supplemented by Moholy-Nagy’s more personal photographs.

With the exhibition of this collection, Mai Manó House celebrates the centennial of Bauhaus as well as the photographic oeuvre of László Moholy-Nagy, the institution’s ‘youngest professor’.

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