Leonardo exhibition opens in Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · Apr 10, 2019

The interactive exhibition ‘Leonardo da Vinci: Artist – Inventor – Genius’ opened its gates in Budapest in the middle of March, and will be available to visit until September.

Reproductions of Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings and also interactive mock-ups of nearly 60 of Leonardo’s technical inventions can be seen at an interactive exhibition that’s called ‘Leonardo da Vinci: Artist – Inventor – Genius’ in Budapest, reported turizmus.com. The exhibition opened in the middle of March and will be available to visit until the beginning of September.

The exhibition does not limit itself to introduce us ‘the painter of Mona Lisa’, we can know a multi-talented scientist, a true legend with a million faces, who has preceded his age by hundreds of years. Leonardo (1452 – 1519) felt himself quite close to art and music, but also to different sciences like physics, anatomy, architecture and he also has designed military weapons.

So the exhibition depicts the genius of Leonardo and takes us back to the past, but offers us also a big adventure using the technical possibilities of the present and maybe some of the future. Thanks to virtual reality, we can also ‘step into’ some paintings with VR glasses, where we receive video and audio guidance. These virtual reality experiences will show us which of our everyday objects do we use on the basis of da Vinci’s inventions from hundreds of years ago.

The exhibition has been a great success in 23 countries so far, and the Hungarian organizers are expecting around 100 000 visitors in six months.

If you visit Budapest in the following weeks or months, don’t hesitate to check out this exciting exhibition. ;)

Location: 8-10 Király Street, Budapest

More info and tickets (we suggest you to book online): https://www.davincikiallitas.hu/en/

Source: Turizmus.com

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