Hungarian cartoon character gets mini statue in Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · May 7, 2020

Another tiny but super cool thing worth checking out when the pandemic ends and we can rediscover Budapest again.


Hungarian sculptor Mihály Kolodko is famous for his miniature sculptures which can pop up anywhere in Budapest. And these tiny masterpieces are always a hit: WeLoveBudapest writes that there are a lot of Instagram posts by delighted visitors who discover these unique sculptures during their time in our capital.

Well, we are sure that Kolodko’s latest creation is going to be popular, as well. Because it features actor Gyula Bodrogi and the ‘good old’ Süsü the Dragon, a classic children's TV character he lends his voice to. The sculpture shows you the actor as he is pulling the dragon costume off his head.

When the pandemic ends and we all can return to the streets of Budapest to rediscover the city, we highly recommend you to go find this masterpiece. A little help: it is displayed in downtown, at Szabadság Square.

Check out a short video about the creation and display of the statue:

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