Tragic-fated singer honored by square name!
Posted by Peti · Dec 23, 2022

Juli Fábián passed away in 2017, at the age of 37.

Juli Fábián was a singer well known to fans of Hungarian jazz and pop, but also abroad as she has several
songs in English with collaborators Zoohacker. The enormously talented artist’s career however was cut
short when she succumbed to cancer in 2017, after previously having recovered from the illness in 2012.
Recently Budapest’s City Hall announced on their Facebook page that Juli Fábián’s memory will live on in
the Hungarian capital, after having a square named after her.
The newly minted Juli Fábián square can be found in Budapest’s 9th district, also known as Ferencváros.
Quite fittingly, the square is in front of one of the biggest outdoor concert venues, Budapest Park, that is
also considered the largest such venue in Europe.
Juli Fábián was often performing ont he stage of Budapest Park, that also held a commemorative
concert following her passing.
The venue also plans a block party in the singer’s memory: the event called Fábián Juli Utcabál wil take
place ont he 9th of July 2023.

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