The legendary frontman of Republic died ten years ago!
Posted by Peti · Feb 15, 2023

László Bódi, stage name Cipő. He worked together with the band on more than 20 albums.

The frontman and singer of the band Republic, László Bódi "Cipő", is 47 years old. Every lyricist has his own world.People pick up Cipő's songs from time to time not because they want to interpret them with a literary dictionary. László Bódi's music gives a visceral feeling that you don't get anywhere else, that's what makes him unique, what makes him unrepeatable, what makes him Cipő.On February 15, 2013, one of the most iconic songwriters and performers of Hungarian popular music was hospitalized. His chronic heart rhythm disorder led to a heart attack. They tried to revive him on the spot, and then the arriving paramedics started fighting for his life. They finally made it to the hospital, but they couldn't wake him up from deep anesthesia.

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