Cool yourself down…
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Jul 31, 2014

…on the best beaches of Budapest. Everyone knows that Hungary is famous for its spas and thermal water, but now we give you some clues to decide which ones worth a visit if you come to Budapest.

The classic one: Dagály Beach

If you're curious about how a real Hungarian beach looks like, you must go to the Dagály. Among the 10 pools there are also adventure, children and wave pools. The swimming pools and the two thermal spa pools are waiting for their visitors, not only in summer, but all year round. The Dagály beach is equally ideal for families and groups of friends, you will always receive a hot summer experience: real beach atmosphere, programs, crowd and the Hungarian food specialty: the “lángos”.


For sporty nature lovers: Csillaghegyi Beach and swimming pool

This pool can be found in a mountain atmosphered environment in the northern part of Buda. This is the perfect choice for everyone who wants to play sports or use saunas in a beautiful environment. There are only a children's pool, a family pool and a swimming pool, but the densely planted, forest-like sections alternate with terraced sunbathing areas, all surrounded by beautiful sculptures. And best of all, the swimming pool is covered during the winter, so it can be visited throughout the year.


The thermal bath: Széchenyi Bath

This is the largest and most popular spa in Budapest, which is waiting for those who are seeking treatment. With 11 pools, it’s health and fun at one: in addition to the spa area, Széchenyi awaits visitors with a swimming pool, a leisure pool and a sitting pool too. The thermal pools are pleasant also in winter with a temperature between 34-38 degrees. And even though winter hasn’t come for a long time, I have to mention how cozy it is to sit under the falling snowflakes in the steaming hot water.


The adventurous: Aquaworld Aquapark

They do not call this aquapark a “water empire” by chance: all that we can image can be found here. The indoor waterpark offers exciting adventure and fun with 15 pools and 11 (a total of nearly 1 km long) slides both summer and winter. The place is equipped with everything: there are jacuzzis, saunas, a wave pool, a surfing pool and a playhouse as well. You can try the “walk on water “ ball, and an adventure park has been established on the lawn. Can't get tired of it.


Among the best: Palatinus Beach

Not just we claim that: last year The Guardian selected the Palatinus Beach into their compilation of the World's 10 best outdoor swimming pools. Although they recommended the Palatinus on Margaret Island, it was also acknowledged, that the city is 'full of astonishing pools'. This beach has everything you need with its 11 pools (including of course some thermal pools) and adventure elements. And a curiosity: the Palatinus was the first spa in Budapest, which allowed the outdoor bathing.


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