Budapest in Hollywood
Posted by Budnews · Jun 19, 2017

12 famous places of Budapest that appeared in Hollywood movies.

If you'd like to get to know the Hungarian capital, you don't even have to come here for sightseeing. Many films have been shot here in the past few decades, so you can meet the most famous venues of the city from home. In this compilation, we selected popular places of the city, which appeared in one or several movies.

  1. Andrássy Avenue and Oktogon: The most famous film about these venues is probably Madonna's Evita. As they didn't get permission to shoot in original venues in Buenos Aires, the film was made in Budapest in 1996. Another, newer movie showing this neighbourhood is Bel Ami with Robert Pattinson and Uma Thurman, a classic, costume story written by Guy de Maupassant.

  1. Nyugati Railway Station: If you like teenager's romantic movies, you have probably seen Selena Gomez' Monte Carlo. Otherwise it's a newbie for you: the story is about three young women vacationing in Paris find themselves whisked away to Monte Carlo after one of the girls is mistaken for a British heiress. Yeah, that's it, but Budapest appears several times in the movie.

  1. Astoria is a place you cannot avoid, and the filmmakers couldn't miss it either. The famous rooftop scene of Spy Game was shot on the top of Georgia apartment building, a beautiful example of last century's architecture.

  1. Bálna (aka Whale): In The Martian, Bálna Budapest was the NASA Center building that lost contact with one of its astronauts. This building consists of two different parts: old warehouses from the 19th century and a new glass building.

  1. Gozsdu-court before became the heart of the party district, was a nice, decent area of Budapest. However, only a few people know that it is also featured in Arnold Schwarzenegger's the Red Heat in 1988, in which Gozsdu replaced Moscow in a short scene.

  1. Margaret Bridge appears in Steven Spielberg's 2005 work on the tragedy of the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. The film is based on true story: at the Olympics, the Palestinian Black Syrian terrorist group hijacked Israeli athletes, two people were killed. When the German police tried to release the hostages, the incident escalated: 14 people died, including athletes and terrorists. The Munich film deals with the terrorist attack and the subsequent Israeli revenge.

  1. Rudas Bath also appears in the already mentioned Red Heat: the ominous bathing scene was shot here. This one:

  1. Opera is a very popular scene, not just in real life, but in movies too. It was the building of Paris Opera house in the Phantom of the Opera in 1998, it played the opera house of St Petersburg in Woody Allen's Love and Death in 1975 and appeared in the already mentioned Munich.

  1. Wharf of Budapest. Die hard 5 - A Good Day to Die Hard is a quite awful sequel of the original series. It is interesting only because Bruce Willis and his family – including his baby girl - stayed here for several months. And yes, the wharf is there in the movie.

10. St Stephen's Square, the square before Basilica is another famous venue of Evita. Although the filmmakers didn't got the permission the shoot inside, it appears in the movie from outside. This amateur video shows how the filmmakers changed the neighborhood to make it similar to Buenos Aires.

11. Buda Castle Tunnel is a 350 m long tunnel that connects Chain Bridge to Krisztinaváros. In its freetime, the Tunnel took a role in Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy's I Spy in 2002. And it's not alone. In this movie, almost all the sights can be seen and they do not even try to sell the Hungarian capital as another city but as Budapest itself.

12. Müpa: Due to its futuristic character, the 12 year old Palace of Arts (MüPa) already made its film debut in the already mentioned The Martian. Müpa was the headquarters of the Chinese Space Agency with huge Chinese characters on the forefront.


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