3+1 best concerts of autumn
Posted by Budnews · Aug 23, 2018

This is why it’s worth waiting for the fall to come.

Summer is over, everybody is depressed, but you shouldn’t. At least if you like high quality music, because Budapest has several things to show in the next three months. The biggest world starts come to the country and perform an unforgettable show.

Ricky Martin, 4 September

Ricky Martin is undoubtedly the biggest Latin star of these decades. Martin became a singer at age six and has sold over 70 million records since then. His first album came out in 1991 to much success in Latin America and the U.S. He continued with Spanish albums throughout the early 90’s until his single “Maria” from album “A Medio Vivir” conquered Europe. The World Cup in 1998 was a turning point for Martin, as his song “La Copa De La Vida” was featured during the sporting event and garnered the attention of its international viewership. His success has been unbroken since then and now the Hungarian audience can experience why. In 2018, Martin returned with great success after two years in Las Vegas Park Theater. Ricky does an amazing show on this tour again, which includes his best musical repertoire. All of his biggest hits will be played, including "Disparo al Corazón", "La Mordidita", "Tal Vez", "Livin 'la Vida Loca", "Pégate", "Adiós", "La Bomba" "La Copa de la Vida" or the latest ones "Vente Pa'Ca" and "Fiebre".


Il Divo, 10 September

The classical crossover male quartet brings their „Timeless” tour to Budapest. The tour named after their latest album began on April 20 in Mexico City and will end, after eight months of world tour, passing through Asia, South Africa, Australia and Latin America; in the United States with 40 shows giving a total of 120 annual where the public will enjoy the classics renewed in the masterful voices of Il Divo that will tour the most important scenarios. Once again, trying to take a step forward “Timeless Tour” is an elegant, romantic, dramatic and sensual show that will include elements such as video, dancers, acrobatics and above all: Voices! They say, it’s a trip to the most exciting experience of Il Divo so far.


David Garrett, 10 October

David Garrett, The Devil's Violinist comes to Budapest after 2 years of the beginning of the Explosive Live tour. The name (and the World Fame) comes from the movie The Devil's Violinist in which he played the lead role in the 2013, as the noted 19th-century violinist Niccolò Paganini. Garret was a real child prodigy: he was the youngest artist ever, who performed with the prestigious Deutsche Grammophon at the age of 13. And his newest, „Explosive Live!” tour will certainly surpass the previous ones: "This tour is something I've never done before!" - said David. The concert will feature such great rock hits as "Purple Rain" or "Don’t Care About Us" and for fans of pop music, „Viva la vida". Classical works cannot be left out either: Beethoven's 5th Symphony or Vivaldi’s Summer can’t be missed out from the repertoire, and of course David's own compositions are also featured on the show.


Nightwish, 20 November

The Finnish metal band, who infuse their heavy-hitting sound with symphonic cutaways and choral backing vocals also comes to Budapest this fall. They are known as much for their gaudy aesthetic as for their progressive, new age fusion of neoclassical and power metal. They started their new tour in North America and fortunately have several European concerts among the 34 venues. In the framework of this unique „Decades” tour the band plays rarely-heard early songs and all of them will be performed with a twist, so both fans and the musicians will have thrilling new experiences. In addition, these new versions are specifically designed for this tour, so later we can’t hear these special performances live. This is what we call once in a lifetime opportunity!


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