Gourmet Festival, the biggest feast of gastronomy is coming
Posted by Budnews · Mar 9, 2020

The biggest gastronomic event of the Carpathian basin will be held in May for the 10th time.

Gourmet festival is one of our favorite event during the whole year. It's the biggest gastronomy festival in the region that brings the country's bests together to a huge outdoor tasting venue. Gourmet festival is the celebration of the best Hungarian restaurants, wineries, chefs and confectioners, brewers and producers, and all us gastronomy lovers. The festival will be taking place at Millenáris Park between May 21-24.

This years festival will be even better than the previous ones (although they were also 100% perfect): this year's event has an even larger area and will showcase the “créme de la créme” of the Hungarian gastro-scene: 120 of the most outstanding restaurants from Hungary, excellent street food places, pastry shops, wineries, breweries and bars… Do we have to say more?

This year's theme will be a bit different from the themes of previous years: instead of classic dishes and ingredients, the organizers have chosen another important component to build the festival program upon: heritage. By exploring the importance of family relations in gastronomy, their main goal is to encourage both exhibitors and chefs to surprise and inspire visitors with their unique personal taste, specialties and stories, accompanied by their most emblematic dishes.

The invited chefs will be partaking in all four days of the festival and share the experience with the visitors. Furthermore, important Hungarian gastro-icons, such as Jenő Rácz, András Wolf, János Mizsei, Lajos Bíró or the Dudás brothers of Anyukám Mondta restaurant can also be expected to make an appearance on stage. Stage programs will be hosted by Zsófi Mautner and András Jókuti, so it is no exaggeration to say that the bests of Hungarian gastronomy will be there at the festival.

In addition to the restaurants and pastry shops, the festival’s schedule cannot be complete without workshops and kids programs. Colorful nights, with famous domestic and foreign chefs, and many unforgettable programs – that's what we can promise for the weekend of Gourmet festival. As evidence, check out the awesome video from last year’s event!


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