Posted by Eszter Hermann · Jul 14, 2014

On 26 July on Margaret Island, Orqesta Buena Vista Social Club brings a little of the unique atmosphere and passionate life of Havana to the Hungarian capital, unfortunately for the last time.



Buena Vista Social Club was a well-known members-only club in Cuba’s capital, a popular location for talented musicians to meet and play back in the 1940s. Nearly 50 years after the club was closed, in the 1990s, it inspired a recording named after the Havana instituition, with traditional Cuban musicians, some of whom had performed at the club when it was at the height of its popularity. It soon became famous all around the world.

Buena Vista and similar clubs were crowded with Afro-Cubans and were embodiments of nostalgic feelings, places for card parties, cigar rolling and authentic Cuban music. This is the world lucky visitors can get a glimpse into on 26 July. Unfortunately, this is also the time to say goodbye to the band.

After 16 years on the international stage, millions of successful records and plenty of awards, the band retires. The legendary musicians, descendants of music veterans of the Cuban clubs will appear on stage for the last time, to bid farewell to the audience. Hungary is in the itinerary of the 2014 Adios Tour that, with concerts throughout Cuba, will end in Havana in 2015.

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