The Christmas fair at Vörösmarty Square moved to the internet
Posted by Budnews · Dec 16, 2020

This way we can participate in the Budapest fair, despite the lockdown.

Christmas fairs are cancelled due to the coronavirus epidemic almost everywhere in Europe, and the one in Budapest is no exception. This is, of course, a great loss for tourism, as Christmas fairs are the main destinations for tourists this time of the year. But as a buyer, we do not have to give up fairs at all. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, the fair at the Vörösmarty Square moved to the internet.

As the Christmas market is the main event to artisans each year, the organizers thought they have to do something. To help the manufactories, the organizers of the fair have created a website where the products of the craft workshops selected by the board of trustees can be purchased. "The loss of all tourism in the city and the fact that we can't hold the Christmas fair is causing a huge outage. These craft vendors have not found a place where they could have sold these things, in fact, since Christmas last year" - said Csaba Faix, CEO of Budapest Brand Nonprofit Zrt.

The Christmas fair website showcases the artworks of Hungarian designers in several category, just as leather goods, textile, wood, jewelry, ceramics, home decor and shows many picture of the artworks. The website is in Hungarian, but the pictures speak for themselves, so feel free to browse it!

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