The epic LEGO lion moved to a new location!
Posted by Peti · Dec 23, 2022

The impressive sized plastic feline guarded the Chain Bridge until its stone brethren returned from

As we wrote earlier, the 173 year old iconic Széchenyi Chain Bridge is undergoing renovations, however
recently public transport, taxis as well as cyclists were allowed to use the river crossing while some
minor construction is still ongoing.
To celebrate the renovation of the bridge, Budapest’s City Hall partnered with LEGO to erect a replica of
the four stone lions guarding the bridge on both sides. The epic beast was built as a 1:1 model of the
statues, using 850 000 LEGO bricks.
The build of the massive LEGO statue took 560 hours. It measures 5,8 meters in lenght, 2,45 meters in
height and it weighs in at a hefty 2.8 tons – the stone statues ont he other hand are much heavier, 10
tons each. However, if you wanted to see the plastic lion, you can no longer find it around the Chain
That is because the original stone lions returned to their rightful place so their LEGO-based colleague
had to move – writes We Love Budapest. Now it’s laying at Városháza park, just near City Hall, where a
lot more people can see it. The bricks used to build the lion were treated with anti-freeze so the special
statue can withstand the winter cold.
At the moment it is unknown whether the lion will remain a permanent fixture at Városháza park, so if
you have a bit of time to spare, make sure to walk by to check it out while you still can!

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