Goose Liver Festival
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Aug 21, 2014

We recommend another special culinary program. This time, the Goose Liver Festival, which awaits visitors - in addition to liver, of course – with excellent programs on the first weekend of September. There will be spectacular cooking shows, Goose Olympic Games and music events in the evening.

While in California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger accepted the ban on filling geese and the resulting goose liver back in 2004, this delicacy is very popular here in Hungary. It received the Hungaricum certification in 2013, and since then it’s officially classified as a national retained value. The argument is that goose liver is a prominent part of the Hungarian gastronomy, economy and culture with more than 400 years of tradition. This industry, the fatted goose breeding provides livelihood for thousands of people and for some foreign people it’s synonymous with the Hungarian gastronomy.


The goose liver provides soft and delicious culinary experience. If I try to describe foie gras, the goose liver fried in its own fat with a lot of onions; or the crispy, fresh bread greased with goose fat, it wouldn't give back the experience. But believe me, the goose liver is one of the best things in the Hungarian Cuisine that you absolutely have to try. It’s a delicious, but heavy part of the animal, therefore besides the liver exhibitors, distilleries, Tokaji and other wineries offer the accompanying drinks on the Festival. And we can also pick from the supply of cheese makers, artisan sausages and meat products; honey, jam and chocolate producers if we desire some diversity.

During the event the kids can pet the little geese in the children's nursery, where several arts and crafts programs will entertain them too, like tailoring goose puppet, preparing wooden spoon goose or seed images. Those who wish to receive expert advice on eating liver and the matching drinks, or just want to have fun, should not miss this Festival.

Date: 5-7. September 2014.

Venue: Elizabeth Square


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