Bake your own Sekler Cake!
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Oct 2, 2014

It’s never enough of cakes! Therefore, we present another Hungarian culinary delicacy: the Sekler Cake and the event devoted to it.

You all come to expect the Hungarian cuisine to offer a host of delicacy, which makes well worth the trip in itself, and the protagonist of today, the Sekler Cake is exactly the same. This yummy pastry is the typical and liked cake of Hungary and the Székely Region.

This cake is prepared by wrapping a strip rolled from sweet dough around a thick wooden tool, then it’s scrolled in sugar a few times, and finally baked golden brown over charcoal embers. In doing so, the sugar adhered to the Sekler Cake is being caramelized and forms bright, crispy coating. The cake can be flavored in numerous ways: we can cover it for example with crushed nuts, cocoa, vanilla or cinnamon powder. And now a whole festival is devoted to this delicacy between 10-12 October in the Vajdahunyad Castle in the City Park (Városliget).

But different from the similar gastro festivals, here not the individual Sekler Cake makers will introduce themselves, but the goal is that the visitors could learn everything about these traditional sweets: the history, the tradition, the cooking modalities. And of course, an infinite number of different flavors will be available on the spot to taste in a big variety of sizes.


The bravests can also try themselves at the "Do it yourself" crafts workshops! There you can create your own Sekler Cake with a little help. They teach how to prepare and roll up the dough, and how to bake it perfectly, so nothing can stand in the way of success. The festival will be culminated in a big community cooking, with which the organizers wish to set the "record of simultaneously Sekler Cake baking". To do so, they provide all the necessary tools, the entered teams will participate in a quick preparation course and the colleagues dressed in Székely folk costumes are willing to help everyone.

The record attempt is also a charity action: the freshly baked Sekler Cakes can be offered to the Children's Home of Hűvösvölgy, and the registration fees are offered to the Foundation for ALS Patients, which organization became well-known with the Ice Bucket Challenge.

And of course, the various programs cannot be omitted: concerts and children's activities, food handicraft fair, artisan showings and gastronomic specialties will also await visitors.

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