Hamburger Days
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jun 18, 2015

There was a time in Hungary when you could eat good hamburger only at the beaches or on markets. But those days are over, hamburger is more and more popular in our country – and so are Hamburger Days, organized this weekend in Millenáris Park.

Although Hungary is better known for goulash, paprikás and Hortobágyi pancakes, people agree that hamburger is more and more popular in our country. And for those who like it, or want to try really good hamburgers, there are several possibilities to do so.

And besides, every burger enthusiast can enjoy Hamburger Days this weekend, from 18 to 21 June in Millenáris Park, with tastings, eating competition, craft beers, schnapps (pálinka), concerts and other programs for the whole weekend.

You can try burgers made by several restaurants, for example Spíler, W35, Burger House, Tuning Bár & Burger, Kandalló Pub, Hungaro Bistro, Johnny’s Bistro, Mangalica & Társai, Paneer, Meat & Sauce, Sza-Sa Burger, Pola Pola, Tuti Hami, Finomító Kantin, Burgerland, Pántlika, Burger’s Bár, Chimichanga American & Mexican Kitchen, Tranzit Chupito Food Bár, KOBU.

Moreover, Lithauszki Zsolt - who is the chef of Spíler, És, Pierrot, Pest-Buda, 21 - will prepare 200 hamburgers in Millenáris Park, for free, only for those who fill a registration form for one. Ask for the details on the spot.

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