You don’t need a compass, you need Sziget Festival maps
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jul 30, 2015

Are you ready for Sziget Festival? If you check out the official Sziget Festival maps, and you have these on your smartphone, we can assure you that you are really “Sziget-ready”.

Hungary’s biggest party starts in a little bit more than two weeks from now, from 10 to 17 August, with lots of concerts, beer, experiences, old and new friends. We know exactly how hard it can be finding your friends in the crowd, or the spot you want to reach for some reason.

The organizers of Sziget Festival know this problem, as well, that’s why they have made two really detailed maps of the festival venue. There will be plenty of changes from last year’s production, including new event venues, some transformation of old venues, and more services. For example, the A38 Stage will become larger and placed at a different location, and the concert space in front of the Main Stage will become larger, as well. So in 2015, Sziget will be a little bit new for those, too, who have visited this festival already several times, and who have thought that they know everything about it.

Our favorites:

While inquiring into the maps, we found out that Hungarikum village, Magic Mirror, Before I Die, Charging point and the wedding tent sound really great, so we are sure that we will check these out this summer. And where will the festival maps lead you?

You can find the detailed festival maps here:

Budapest Park is open
Hungary will play in front of a full house
Legendary band KISS set to perform also in Hungary for a last time
Tickets are now on sale for The Weeknd in Budapest in 2022
Ozzy Osbourne will perform in Hungary again in 2022
No larger events in Hungary after 15 August
Musical Budapest, the biggest musical event of the city is coming
Puskás Aréna will host this year’s UEFA Super Cup
Gourmet Festival, the biggest feast of gastronomy is coming
Alanis Morissette set to perform in Budapest