WOMEX – the celebration of music in Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · Oct 7, 2015

Shortly after Budapest Music Expo, held on the first weekend of October, an even bigger event of the world of music will be organized in Budapest: the World Music Expo, WOMEX comes to the Hungarian capital from 21 to 25 October.

As the press manager of music bands like Room Service – Bryan Adams tribute band, Station – U2 tribute band and SLT band, and last but not least with a musician boyfriend, I have had a strong connection to music for years. I listen to every type of music, including jazz, soul, folk music, gipsy music, and when I travel with the band to different festivals, I enjoy the actual concerts, too, from the performance of rock or metal bands to the light- and sound effects in the shows of well-known DJs.

The World Music Expo (WOMEX) is an event I have heard about a long time ago and always hoped that one day it will be organized in Budapest. Why? Because the city could be the perfect host for an important and representative event like this. Not only because our capital is beautiful and – as the fifth most visited capital in Europe – it provides all the transport and accommodation possibilities needed for the guests, but also because of the fact that music was always very important in the cultural life of Budapest.


The Hungarian capital is the city of pioneering composers and ethnomusicologists Béla Bartók and Zoltán Kodály, but it is also the capital of the powerful folk movement from the early seventies, the Táncház, that swept away everybody in the world music scene who experienced it. Táncház can still be experienced in the everyday cultural life of Budapest (and all Hungary for that matter) just as gypsy traditions, ruin pubs and spas are.

WOMEX would like to honour the multi-ethnic cultural heritage of Hungary, by organizing the event in Budapest, from 21 to 25 October. This is a folk- and world music festival, a conference, festival for music documentary films, but also an occasion where concerts, fairs and other programs can be seen, old friends can meet and new friendships can be made. WOMEX is the melting pot of young talents and forever young musicians, businessmen, managers, entrepreneurs, people of the press and those who are interested in the world of music.


I read somewhere that WOMEX is just like the glamorous Cannes Film Festival but it is always organized in different cities. It is a really nice occasion to celebrate. So join us this year, and let’s celebrate together.

Did you know?

The main program venues will be in the Palace of Arts, A38 concert boat and Bálna – you can find the professional fair, presentations, lectures and discussions in the last one. 3300 visitors are expected to participate at WOMEX, mostly from abroad, and only around 500 locals.

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