Belgian beer festival
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Apr 25, 2016

The original feast of Belgian beers will be held again for the seventh time on 13-15 May.

The Belgian Beer Festival is one of my favorite festivals, because it has everything a girl might wish. Hundreds of delicious beer (205 types exactly), delicious food, snacks, cheese plates, chocolate… Do not get me wrong, you (and we) definitely shouldn’t drink too much or pig out, it’s just about enjoying the huge varieties. The venue is still the Bálna Budapest (“Whale” Budapest), where it’s possible to consume both covered and open space in the main hall and on the pleasant terrace.


Of course, the annual Belgian Beer Festival offers plenty of novelties:

Corsendonk Gold Tripel 10: The new family member of the Corsendonk family is a real Abbey light Tripel beer. It conquers with its power (10%) and provides moderately persistent foam. As to the taste experience: this beer welcomes us with spicy yeast and coriander fragrances for the first moment. Minimal sweetness and fruity peach flavors dominate the first sip, which is closed with orange flavor. It has long-lasting aftertaste with bitter orange peel and yeast.

Liefmans Goudenband: This 8% strong Flemish brown ale is for the real beer experts. Every bottle is stoppered with cork and the nectar inside is alluring: the color of this masterpiece is reddish brown; the exciting flavors are based on the dry, slightly acid, caramel basis. All this completed with apple, rhubarb, cherries and malt, and nuts and raisin that appear in the aftertaste. If you’re a fan of carefully matured and characterful dark beer, then the crisp royal blue livery of Goudenband will be your favorite color from now on!

Corsendonk Applewhite: another Corsendonk novelty with much smaller alcohol content (3,1%). Being an apple taste wheat beer, it’s brewed with spices and apple juice. It’s a compact, creamy beer with a lingering froth. With aromas of yeast and apple, it is mild on the palate with well-balanced bitterness and hints of apple. It is excellent as an aperitif or as a thirst-quencher. And also a must-try for women.

Mongozo Palmnut: This wheat beer (7%) matured with palm nut is an Exotic African beer from Angola. It’s slightly oily, fruity and dry with the spiritual experience of African palmnut. Mongozo Palmnut is an exotic African beer, the modern version of traditional Angolan beer. It has a deep reddish-brown color that reflects the color of African sand.

And I especially adore the organizers because they thought of everything. There will be bio, organic beers as well: all of their ingredients are produced and processed under exclusively controlled natural conditions. These beers are made from non-toxic ingredients and with traditional techniques, without filtration and pasteurization. Such beers are La Trappe PUUR, Mongozo Buckwheat White, Mongozo Premium Pilsner and Quintine Bio-Organic wheat beer.

Just as in previous years, there will be two types of tickets: "Beer lovers” cost 2800 HUF and includes 3 glasses of beer (200 ml), "Beer fan” is sold for 4000 HUF, which includes 5 glasses. As there will be 205 kinds of beers (61 on tap) from 43 Belgian breweries, it won’t be easy to choose.

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