Follow the lion!
Posted by Mia Balogh · Dec 2, 2016

An amazing and unique ‘moving light painting’ performance is waiting for everyone in Budapest. Click for the details!

We can hear so many times that December is the month of magic, because so many wonderful things can happen in the last month of the year, especially before Christmas. So let us invite you for a certainly wonderful and unique program in Budapest, a ‘moving light painting’ ot let’s say ‘walking light painting’ performance, which will happen on 5 December, between 7 PM and 7:30 PM.

Why is this program so unique? Because you can see the light painting of a lion, the heraldic animal of Budapest, which will - instead of staying on a wall somewhere in the city - move from one building’s wall to another at the Danube bank, from Szabadság híd (Liberty Bridge) to Margit híd (Margaret Bridge).

The first ‘walking light painting’ performance of Hungary is unique worldwide, as well. It will be visible from both sides of the Danube, so you can decide on which side of the city to stay to enjoy the attraction.

If you choose to follow the lion from the Buda-side of the city, you will see it for a little longer (thanks to the distance), but if you prefer proximity, stay on the Pest-side and walk close to the huge (20 meter tall) lion. We are sure that it should be a fantastic experience!

You can follow the lion and let the festive season’s magic touch your heart with these beautiful lights – at least for one night.

Facebook event (in Hungarian):

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