Crazy programs in Budapest
Posted by Budnews · Jan 12, 2017

These are the weirdest things that have their own event.

Playground Party for Adults

The biggest indoor playground in Hungary organizes event for adult people once or twice in a month. Come after work or school (if you’re 18+!!) and enjoy the 4000sqm indoor playground. Jump in the trampoline, hike the wall, dive in the ballpool, conquest the playcastle, play lasertag in the Laserpark and many more games are waiting for you!

International Pillow Fight Day

We celebrate International Pillow Fight Day every year, and we’re sure you know what we are talking about. Bring your (not favorite) pillow and hit everyone you can!

Soap bubble day on Margaret Island

This thing doesn’t need much explanation either: bring a bubble blower and be happy. Bubble day is held every summer, and we can’t wait this year’s event. I’m already happy just because I write it down.

Joint roaring on the hill

Unfortunately, this event is already taken place, but we really hope there will be more events where we can rage. The idea is that all of us have many stressful things in their lives, so it would be nice to scream sometimes. But if you screaming alone, you’re crazy... If others roaring with you, it’s cool! On this event, several hundred people went to Buda hills, and you can guess the rest of the story…

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