A38 Ship – 11 years of culture on the Danube
Posted by Katalin Török · Apr 28, 2014

The Ship was originally built in 1968 in Rostov on the river Don, and its original name was Tripolje. It was a stone transporting barge, that got transformed into one of today’s most unique cultural venues in Europe. A38 celebrates its 11th birthday, with exciting program offers.

photo: http://instagram.com/a38ship#

The name of the ship - A38 - comes from its class Artemowsks, and from the fact that it was the 38th piece built. Having it rebuilt in 2003, the founders followed the concert hall/cultural centre/ship model of the Paris-located Batofar – they created a piece of art that’s all-in-one: except for a swimming-pool and a heliport, the ship covers all basic requirements for an ocean liner. A restaurant, terrace above the water, it’s a reborn industrial place that offers a concert hall for an audience of 700 people, a video and sound studio, a kitchen, dressing rooms, bars – A38 has it all.

photo: https://www.facebook.com/a38.hajo

The Ship opened its doors on April 30th 2003, after a long period of shaping and arranging. It won the Architecture Prize given by the Budapest City Council right away, and the ship’s interior design received great critical acclaim. Due to its location, the ship is threatened by flood, sometimes even by ice drift. To keep its conditions, it has undergone a complete dry dock renovation this January, and this Wendesday, it celebrates its 11th anniversary, with a cavalcade of diverse programs.

„The A38 Ship is not only a venue, but also a metaphore: the symbol of curiosity, open-mindedness and freedom.” – states the 5th anniversary book, and in the last decade, A38 fulfilled this destiny perfectly. It welcomed artists from all over the world, offered great relaxing programs and created links between various genres successfully. The program for its anniversary is a proof of this ideology.

photo: http://www.a38.hu/en/

The whole day celebration begins with an unusual performance: the Umbilical Brothers starts the night with their surreal performance. The Australian duo eintertains their audience with one of the funniest stand-up comedy shows on Earth. It’s going to be hilarious. You have to see them to get them – I believe no word can describe their art of entertainment.


The day is not only the celebration of the 11th birthday of A38, it’s also the opening party for its roof terrace for the season. The first band to take the stage above the river is Anti Fitness Club, a Hungarian indie rock band.

photo: http://instagram.com/a38ship#

Things will get serious downstairs, at the heart of the ship – Bin-Jip will arrive to fill the hall with music. With jazz singer Veronika Harcsa, guitarist Bálint Gyémánt, sound producer Andrew J, and their special guest for the night, Simon Szabó, and the acoustics of A38, the quality is guaranteed - it will be a concert to treat your ears. They will be followed by the king of french downtempo hiphop, Wax Tailor. He has history with the ship – he showcased both of his albums with his band here, and made also a television recording of his last show on the boat. Now, he breaks off rehearsing for his upcoming tour to celebrate the 11th birthday of A38. With some great Hungarian DJs after him, partying till the morning is guaranteed.

Photo: http://www.a38.hu/en/

If you’d like to have fun on a particular venue in Budapest, don’t miss A38. Its high-tech and nostalgic social-realist ambient fascinates even experienced artists. April 30th will be a night to remember – don’t miss out.

For more information, visit the web-site of A38: http://www.a38.hu/en/

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