Diverse celebration on the river
Posted by Katalin Török · May 1, 2014

„A38, center of the universe”- states the molino on the bank of the river, opposite to the ship. Although there was no champagne glass breaking on the boat’s side, yesterday’s varied programs made the crowd believe A38 Ship is the center, indeed.

Anniversaries for cultural centers are great opportunities to showcase the venues’ diversity. 30th of April is a promising date, because the next day is a public holiday in Hungary, so events organized for this date can expect great interest. We knew A38’s 11th birthday linked with the season opening party of its roof terrace would be a big hit, so we went there to be a part of it.

Photo: https://www.facebook.com/UmbilicalBrothers

The night began with Umbilical Brothers’ sold out show, in the stomach of the ship. The otherwise spacious room was filled with chairs and about 200 lucky fans enjoyed the performance. Those privileged few stayed dry from the night’s storm, that caught us on our way to the boat – pondering the chances of a succesfull terrace opening in such a weather.

Fortunately, by the time we got there the storm had gone, and a beautiful rainbow was waiting for us near the ship, as a nice competitor to the painted one on the bridge. The terrace is well-built, with retractable side walls, so weather doesn’t disturb the events. It wasn’t windy, so they were pulled up and Anti Fitness Club could start their concert in the fresh air. There was a bunch of young fans who were so enthusiastic that the whole ship seemed to be moving to their bouncing. They set a really good mood and it was surprising for me that everyone in their audience knew the lyrics. The terrace opening started really loud, and things only got better.

Photo: http://www.a38.hu/hu/galeriak

The concert of the night was clearly Bin-Jip’s, at the main concert hall. With beautiful blue lights, it seemed as if we’d entered an underwater world, and the band’s immersive tunes were enchanting. It’s impossible to describe their music – they skillfully mix different genres and use the singing voice as an instrument. Veronika Harcsa and Bálint Gyémánt have a voice-guitar solo in one of their songs that gives you goose bumps every time. The hall was full and everyone enjoyed this musical adventure. An earlier A38 concert of theirs is aired on television tonight, on m2 from 23:25 – it is worth staying awake for it.

The night was exciting and in spite of the rain, a lot of people came to celebrate the anniversary. The terrace turned into a crowded party place with DJs taking over, and downstairs, everyone was waiting for Wax-tailor’s DJ set. The doors opened at 11 pm with Infragandhi, Wax Tailor took over around 12.30, for about one hour, then dj Garfield & Ordiman were in charge.

Photo: http://instagram.com/a38ship#

It was a fun night that proved that A38 has programs for everyone – from young to the elderly, from rockers to jazz enthusiasts, from those who enjoy music with their eyes closed to the ones that dictate the rhythm. Five different programs in one night, with smooth changeovers between them – the organizers really know what they are doing. Thanks for the party, happy birthday A38!

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