Sweet history: let us introduce the Sweet Compromise Cake Collection
Posted by Budnews · Dec 12, 2017

A special cake selection was presented on the occasion of the anniversary of Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867.

The National Association of Hungarian Confectionery Manufacturers presented a unique cake collection: the Sweet Compromise. It was specially designed to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Compromise of 1867, and it will not only melt the hearts of those interested in history, but everyone’s.

About the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867: This compromise established the dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary. The Compromise partially re-established the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Hungary, separate from, and no longer subject to the Austrian Empire. Hungarian political leaders had two main goals during the negotiations. One was to regain the traditional status (both legal and political) of the Hungarian state, which was lost after the Hungarian Revolution of 1848. The other was to restore the reform laws of the revolutionary parliament of 1848, which were based on the 12 points that established modern civil and political rights, economic and societal reforms in Hungary. Under the Compromise, the lands of the House of Habsburg were reorganized as a real union between the Austrian Empire and the Kingdom of Hungary. Unity was maintained by the rule of a single head of state, reigning as both Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary, and common ministries of foreign affairs, defense and finance under his direct authority. The armed forces were combined, with the Emperor-King as commander-in-chief.

The post-Compromise era was not only a flourishing age for the general welfare of the country, but also brought a lot of positive changes to the confectionery industry. The decades after the Compromise of 1867 opened Europe's door, and many guildsmen went abroad to learn. However, the migration was two-way, just think about our most famous confectionery house, Gerbeaud.

The Sweet Compromise collection brings back this era with the traditional cakes of the Monarchy. The collection consists of 6 desserts, 3 Hungarian recipes and 3 Austrian cakes. The six types of cakes offered in the gift box are: Anna-slice, Aristocrat cake, Blaha Lujza slices, Eszterházy slices, Indiáner and Rigó Jancsi.

The Sweet Compromise Collection can be bought from 8 November 2017 until the end of March in 23 confectionaries in the country. We strongly recommend to taste!

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