Goulash is a Hungarikum!
Posted by Mia Balogh · Dec 20, 2017

Our favourite soup is officially more than just a delicious dish. ;)

We read in the first days of December that the Collection of Hungarikums Committee added some new entries to the collection. These entries are the following ones: the Hungarian goulash soup, the Order of Saint Paul the First Hermit, and the porcelain of Hollóház, as VG.hu reported.

The addition of goulash soup is a pleasant surprise for us because we are huge fans of this delicious meat stew – vegetable soup mix, and we are not alone with it: goulash is a very popular Hungarian food worldwide so it can have positive impacts on tourism, too. This dish has been the symbol of the nation’s cuisine since the 16th century, when paprika was brought to Europe from America.

The Order of Saint Paul, named after the hermit Paul of Thebes, has been playing a significant role in the history of Hungarian people and culture, while the 240-year-old porcelain of Hollóház became famous for its varied and unique forms and decorations.

With these new additions, there are 70 Hungarikums and 161 entries in the Hungarian Collection of Values currently.

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