Babel Budapest became the best International Restaurant of the Year 2017
Posted by Budnews · Jan 15, 2018

Huge acknowledgment for the whole country.

Prestigious wine & lifestyle magazine Decanter has named Babel Budapest as the International Restaurant of the Year 2017. The illustrious UK wine writer Fiona Becket writes in her article: „I have to confess, I didn’t visit Budapest in the expectation of finding a thrilling restaurant, let alone a world-class one, but Babel was undoubtedly one of the most exciting restaurants I ate in last year”

Babel itself was originally set up in 2008 by then 29-year-old Hubert Hlatky-Schlichter, an entrepreneur with a taste for eating out but no restaurant experience. Now Hlatky-Schlichter’s restaurant provides an unprecedented fine dining experience in the heart of Budapest. Babel is fascinated by nature and constantly inspired by traditional Hungarian cuisine as well as the exquisite world of Transylvania. Their newest menu, created by Executive Chef István Veres, is based on the Chef’s personal memories and his childhood growing up in Transylvania. This visionary young Chef believes in creating distinguished and breathtaking gastronomic dishes that feed the soul. The article highlights: Babel Budapest sources 75% of its fresh ingredients from local and regional farmer and suppliers. As for the quality, Fiona says she has “longing memories of his take on egg galuska (noodles), a decadently indulgent dish of spätzle topped with an airy cloud of truffle-infused foam.”

The article also appreciates Babel’s wine selection. The place has more than 200 Hungarian wines, mostly unique bottles you simply wouldn’t find outside the country. Sommelier Péter Blazsovszky eschews big names in favour of smaller, less well-known winemakers: “I don’t tend to recommend famous wines as some hit the jackpot only once in a lifetime with a perfect vintage. Obviously, I try to buy those, but I’m always looking for interesting and special wines that can’t be reproduced. I always try to give small, unknown wineries a chance.” – he explained.

So if you’re into fine dining, reserve your table and prepare your taste buds: one of the best dining experiences in town will blow your mind.

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