Heart- and soul-warming: try a hot drink in the last days of winter
Posted by Budnews · Feb 20, 2018

Use the rest of the winter and try these places.

There’s not too much benefit of the cold weather, but one thing is sure: this is the best time to enjoy hot drinks at a cozy place. Though the calendar says it’s only a couple of days left from winter, the weather knows nothing about this. There is plenty of time to try these places and drinks!


Cold weather means automatically a hot tea, and fortunately, Budapest has plenty of great teahouses. Try out the classic Sirius, Red Lion, Mosaic, Green Turtle, or the truly unique 1000 Tea. We recommend this latest even for the hardcore tea fans: contrary to the others, they do not go for different fruity flavors, cocktail-like teas, but how the tea leaves are prepared. Imagine, for example, wok-roasted leaves and tealeaves that has been dried out on orange peel.

Coffee and cocoa

If you prefer coffee instead of tea, don’t go to Starbucks or Costa Coffee! Try the new wave Piknik on Pozsonyi street, where you can choose their own chai tea blended coffee, or Café Smúz, where they "dress up" your latte. This means that your drink will be green, red, pink or purple, and decorated with flowers, as Smúz has grown to a coffee shop from a florist shop.


If coffee is too mainstream for your taste, we have some good ideas. Try the hot drink called Blue Smurf in Double Shot. This is a true winter drink: eye-, heart- and throat-warming – algae and beetroot powder gives the color, and ginger guarantees the taste. In Damnicki Budapest, do not miss the cardamom punch and hot ginger-rosemary lemonade, or the similar hot chili lemonade in Gelato Rossa (you know, the place with the rose-shaped ice-cream).

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