Lindt is opening its first boutique in Budapest
Posted by Budnews · May 10, 2018

The premium quality chocolate brand expands in Hungary.

The Swiss premium chocolate producer Lindt & Sprüngli is expanding its business network in Hungary. It is planned to open a 100 - 150 square-meters big store in the downtown of Budapest, according to the announcement of JLL's consulting company.

The decision to develop the brand's presence in Hungary is a part of Lindt's regional strategy, and as a next step, it has been decided to open the Budapest store. The company has more than 400 business units around the world with three different business concepts depending on the location: Outlet, Boutique or Café. In the downtown location of Budapest, one of the latter two types will be selected.

According to the announcement, Lindt's expansion in Hungary is justified for several reasons. On the one hand there are still few competitors on the premium chocolate market in Budapest, on the other hand, consumer confidence, steady living standards and traffic from tourism also mean that Budapest grew up to the premium brands market.

Máté Balogh, Sales Director of Lindt Hungary said that the decision was part of the expansion strategy, because fortunately since the economic crisis, premium services and products have regained their position in the CEE region again.

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