Top 10 vegan and vegetarian places in the city
Posted by Budnews · Jun 7, 2018

Even meat lovers will love these places, but vegans and vegetarians can see their dreams comes true.

Life is not always easy when you're vegetarian. It's only harder for vegan people, who do not eat any food of animal origin. We know how difficult it is to find a restaurant abroad with such expectations, so we gathered 10 places in Budapest that you can count on.

Govinda Restaurant

It is one of the oldest vegetarian restaurant chains around the world, dating back to the year 1996 in Hungary. Meals and recipes are derived from the gastronomic knowledge of ancient Indian Vedic tradition, dishes are made from fresh ingredients, mainly grain, vegetable parts and dairy products, but vegan diet followers also find their taste.

Matrjoska Kroshka

Matrjoska was the favorite Russian bistro in the city until last year, when the owner announced that she can’t do this anymore as she quit consuming meat and vodka. A little later, Natasa opened a vegetarian-vegan restaurant that meets her new lifestyle, and that brings the same standard, just in a meatless / vegan version: there are always two types of soup, burgers, and rethought pelmeni with various sauces and desserts.

Vegan Love

This street food business, which does not have any food of animal origin, is famous for a good reason. Its eight types of hamburgers, hot dogs and sandwiches are made in several ways from sweet potatoes to black beans and with several varieties. Since February, they also do home delivery, so you don’t even have to travel to taste these beauties.

Napfényes Restaurant And Pastry Shop

We love this place because they have the widest, most varied menu of vegan food in the city but you can also bring your meat lover friends, because it won’t be a traumatic experience to them. Although the restaurant prepares food from purely vegetable ingredients (without any meat, eggs or dairy products), they also have traditional Hungarian and international dishes, for example Gulyás Soup, Stuffed Cabbage, Brassói nuggets, Falafel and Pizza, of course with vegetable cheese.

Fill Good

This one is a bakery, where vegan pastries are made without additives and ingredients of animal origin (milk and eggs). Eco-consciousness is also important for the first vegan craft bakery: they are selecting waste, mostly use domestic raw materials, RSPO palm oil and GMO-free soybeans.

Great Bistro

They offer 100% vegan and gluten free high end breakfasts-brunch, everyday changing artisan lunch menu, and they are also known as the one and only vegan fine dining restaurant in Hungary. In fact, they want to show the masterpieces of Thai, French, Italian, Hungarian, Arabic, Persian, African and Mexican cuisine without using any ingredients of animal origin.


Although there are meatless pizzas among the traditional Italian ones as well, the owner of Vegazzi also banishes eggs and dairy products. A real curiosity is the wood-burning furnace in which the authentic pizza is made.


Strong flavors characterize this street food restaurant specialized in daily soups, burgers and sandwiches. Due to its gluten content, they don’t use the trendy seitan, but replace meat with coriander beetroot, mushroom or pumpkin, grated carrot and spices, adding cream and spicy ingredients.

Naspolya Nassolda

Sweet tastes and healthy ingredients: everything is gluten-, milk-, egg-free and non-baked at Naspolya. The ingredients come mainly from organic farmers and are always freshly used. The protagonists are fruits and of course, health. Naspolya represents the highest level of vegan lifestyle: raw vegan kitchen.


Although it’s not a vegetarian place, they have plenty of delicious meat-free solutions. Dobrumba follows the Mediterranean-Middle East gastronomic tradition, and the eating habits of the region prevail: we eat together many kinds of food, dipping, tasting, slowly, unhurriedly.

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