Extreme ice creams of Budapest
Posted by Budnews · Jul 4, 2018

These 5 unique beauties are more than meets the eye. You’ll want to taste all of them!

One of the best things in summer is ice cream. Vanilla ice cream, strawberry ice cream, mango ice cream, chocolate ice cream, oreo ice cream… basically all of them. And these are just the basic flavors! Now we collected the most extreme ice creams of the city:

Unicorn ice cream

The classic twisted ice cream got a "skirt" in Mr Funk. This is nothing more than cotton candy, of course with toppings and marshmallow, or if you’re not that into unicorns, they are happy to put a donut on the top of the ice cream. Don’t count the calories, just enjoy!

Rocketice nitrogen ice cream

Rocketice has arrived last year, and we can’t get enough. The secret is in a nitrogen-filled bottle from which the -197-degree nitrogen flows through a dispensing head straight into KitchenAid's bowl. In the bowl, the ingredients of the ice cream are already mixed, just in liquid state. Then the nitrogen begins to flow. The cold, creepy fog coming from the Rocketice kiosk is just as if we’re experimenting in a laboratory. So is there nitrogen in my ice cream? Yes. But don’t worry: nitrogen is a natural substance that helps in refrigerating and makes the ice cream creamier by decomposes for smaller parts in molecular level.

Thai Ice Cream

Thai ice cream is the so-called stir-fried ice cream, with toppings (whipped cream, fruit and cookie). It is basically a rolled ice cream or ice cream rolls, a handmade ice cream dessert made with milk poured on an iced grill, and mixed with fruit or different ingredients on the ice-pan. Stir-fried ice cream existed in Thailand by 2009, as a way of just mixing ingredients together with fruits and different types of candies, and now it starts to become popular in the whole world.

Rose-shaped ice cream

Gelarto rosa became a must-try in the last few years. Instead of scoops, they serve their ice cream as roses, creating each and every portion or cone as a unique artwork using ice cream as art material. The result is both beautiful and delicious, due to the traditional Italian recipes they use as a base.

The weirdest tastes ever: 18+ and less

18+ and less is probably the newest place in town. They introduced the age restricted ice cream to the city, as one main ingredient is alcohol: apricot palinka, vodka or Unicum. Imagine flavor combinations such as „Bar Pharma Secret Garden” from gin, rose pepper, parsley and lemon or „Russian Flower” that contains Russian vodka, beetroot and passion fruit.

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