Wow: this is ‘Pálinka of the year’ in 2018
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jul 17, 2018

Would you like to taste this extraordinary product?

If you visit Hungary, one of the ‘must taste’ products on your list is probably pálinka. Okay but there are so many, which one should you choose? If it’s your first time, you should try something from the best ones to make the experience really memorable. For example, try ‘Pálinka of the year’.

This year, the National Pálinka- and Törkölypálinka Competition, Brill Pálinka House’s drink made with jasmine grapes was chosen as the best pálinka - writes.

This year, 48 distillers entered the competition, with a total of 309 items. The jury - 25 experts - awarded 5 special awards, 62 gold qualifications, 107 silver qualifications and 91 bronze qualifications. The Bolyhos bedded plum pálinka was chosen as the best batch of pálinka made with over 10 thousand bottles, while in the most efficient distillery category, 1 Drop Pálinka was the winner.

The president of the Pálinka National Committee, László Mihályi, described the winning jasmine grape pálinka as a wonderful drink that mesmerises its consumer with its elegance from the very first taste. It has a nice, muscatel-like smell that complements the flowery and rose oil-like traits.

This is a harmonious, long-lasting and definitely complex product, which makes you think of a meadow full of flowers in spring and a ripe cluster of grapes.

For the Brill Pálinka House, this is the third year they have won the title of ‘Pálinka of the year’. They have been awarded in 2011 for their pálinka made with Irsai Olivér grapes and two years after, in 2013 for their quince pear pálinka. Well, 2018 was their year again.

What is jasmine grape?

Edit Krizl, one of the owners of the Brill Pálinka House, said that jasmine grapes are a new speciality of the Pécs Research Institute. They started experimenting with this type of grapes in 2016 and now they are sure there is a bright future for jasmine grapes, concerning wine and pálinka production, as well.

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