Hedon Taproom, where you can be your own barman
Posted by Budnews · Oct 16, 2018

We recommend a real unique brasserie today.

Let's begin with the basics: Hedon is a Hungarian artisan beer brand. They come up with newer and newer beer specials on a regular basis, and some months ago they opened their own bar. Which can not be compared to any others. They have 30 different kinds off beer here, hot food and home party feeling, but it's not why they're special. We can taste unique beers from Hedon brewery, they won't sell anywhere else. Their newest beers can only be tasted here in Budapest: for example, The Breakfast Beer pale ale with oatmeal and Equinox hops, that has tropical fruity-herb-like tastes, or Wolf Daze, a delicious cucumber-flower lager.

But that's not all: in Hedon Taproom you are your own barman which means you tap your own beer. There is a touchscreen above every tap with a detailed description of each beer, but the real novelty is the payment system. You get a card when entering the bar and you will use this as we use to do in festivals. We can upload money on the card and after that, guests have nothing more to do than put it in the reader of the selected beer and tap. We can see through the display how many decilitres we have in our glasses, how much we have to pay, and how much remains on our card. The price varies, but is roughly within the 250 to 500 HUF per decilitre range. The most amazing thing is that you pay exactly as much as you tap: if you want to taste all 30 kinds of beer and just one sip from each, you can do it. And you should do it!

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