Save the date: first Black Food Festival is here
Posted by Budnews · Oct 30, 2018

This will totally bring you to the Darkside!

Two summers ago, black ice cream was a huge social media sensation and black food have conquered the world since then. Now Budapest has its first Black Food Festival on 4 November in Flow Speciality Coffee Bar. The dream of every black enthusiast will come true: black foods and drinks are made for the special day.

First of all, it’s important to know that black food is not necessarily artificially colored regular food… Think about it, the finest black coffee, decadent dark chocolates, lushess black berries, exotic ika, and sweet and sour balsamic vinegar are just some of the more common black foods you are already familiar with. But have you ever tried black bread, black ice cream, black corn, or black cocktails?

Black chocolate, black beans, black rice, black garlic, black tomatoes, black potatoes, active coconut carbon - just a few examples that have the black color in itself, but there are so many innovative solutions, that make possible to make other food in black color with naturally colorants. Only a few know, but the flavor, called „coconut ash”, is created using charcoal, coconut flakes, coconut milk and coconut cream: this is the taste of the “classic” black ice-cream that has been described as similar to a vanilla ice cream. Another natural thing that can color food black is squid ink: many cafes use it to dye the buns black.

On 4 November chefs from Budapest’s most innovative restaurants, pastry shops, cafes, bakeries, bars and brands will be showing off their creations. We can taste all the black food and beverages Budapest has to offer and – of course - take home the ones you love. Over and above, Black Food Festival reacts not only to the extreme color scheme, but also to the spirit of the venue: as Flow Speciality Coffee Bar is a vegan place, they will not use animal-based raw materials. For example, when preparing for a burger or hot dog, substitution must be solved creatively.

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