Zeller Bistro – to see it, to fall in love with and to return
Posted by Mia Balogh · Dec 14, 2018

Let me tell you how Zeller Bistro became one of my fav spots in the city – well, it might not be so interesting for you but, after reading my words maybe you’ll feel why you gonna love it (yes, definitely).

So what happens when you meet a friend and she asks you to meet near her workplace in the inner city of Budapest, but none of the well-known nearby spots fits your needs? Well, change of plans and triumph of spontaneity, supposedly.

In our case it meant that finally, after a short chat in Messenger, we just dropped in for a drink at Zeller Bistro. The only thing we knew about the place was its great location (it’s just a stone’s throw from St. Stephen’s Basilica and the beautiful Christmas fair) and loads of positive reviews on Facebook.

Well, we didn’t feel disappointed, at all! Right after entering, we got friendly greetings and welcome drinks – it was some kind of elderberry champagne, was quite delicious and something alcohol free for my friend who is pregnant – and a friendly waiter helped us to find a table. We didn’t have reservations but they said it wasn’t a problem. ;) Anyway, if you plan to eat out there, I suggest you to take reservations, because around 7 pm there wasn’t any table available in the room.

So, right after arriving to our table, a waiter took our coats (we felt like ladies, definitely) and another one brought us menu cards and wine card. My friend is pregnant so she couldn’t enjoy a fröccs like I did (she had to watch from the first moment to the last how much I enjoyed my small fröccs and how satisfied I was after that ;)) so she drank a cherry syrup but she was quite happy with it, after all.

And we can’t express with words how much we loved this place! Imagine a cozy, friendly, adorable atmosphere with a lot of plants – a little bit like a restaurant in the garden or a more elegant ruin pub but you can feel right away that it’s something else… and everyone is smiling and friendly.

We heard some Hungarian words but most of the guests were English-speaking. Anyway, the prices are quite acceptable, even for locals: my fröccs was 600 HUF (it is even cheaper than in some other fancy spots in the inner city) and my friend payed around the same amount in the end.

We also liked their food menu so we already plan to have a dinner here next time. Our first time here in Zeller Bistro was short but memorable, and definitely worth some upcoming visits! ;)

3 interesting facts about Zeller Bistro:

Their seasonal menu changes in a couple of months

They buy their wines from small Hungarian wineries and for the food, they use the best ingredients from domestic farmers and producers.

Their mission is “to serve the best quality food in a friendly atmosphere, where you can feel like home. We believe we are different”.

More info: http://www.zellerbistro.hu/en/ & https://www.instagram.com/zellerbistrobudapest/

Location: 5th district, 18 Hercegprímás Street (near St. Stephen’s Basilica)

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