When will McDonald’s home delivery service launch in Hungary?
Posted by Mia Balogh · Mar 22, 2019

After being already available in eight European countries and in many others around the globe, McDelivery can finally arrive to Hungary soon.

In Budapest, you can order from KFC and Pizza Hut to soothe your fast food cravings at home or at your accommodation but it seems like you can enjoy home delivery McDonald’s food, too, very soon.

Index also writes that probably the delivery service Netpincér would deliver us our fast food orders (they also have a mobile app for delivering food from various restaurants in Hungary).

Anyway McDelivery is very-very popular in the world, especially in the big cities – it is available in eight European countries and in many others worldwide. Some of the McDelivery services are provided by Uber Eats cars, bicycles or scooters (it would be also quite cool in Budapest, in our opinion). The price of the home delivery changes from 1 to 3 dollars in the majority of the countries but there are some places where they only deliver above a certain amount spent.

In the neighbouring countries, the service is already available in Romania, Slovenia and Austria. In Vienna, the delivery is available from 11 am to 11 pm so it can be the same in Budapest, too, but we think that also a 24/7 service can be feasible.

Source: Index.hu

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