New Popup Bubble Bar opened in Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · Mar 28, 2019

A fancy new bubble bar has opened its gates in Budapest: Popup Bubble Bar by Intermezzo Roof Terrace is waiting for us until this summer on the rooftop of Hotel President.

You might have seen those big bubbles in several rooftop bars around Europe. You know, those tent-like transparent things which allow us to enjoy for example the beautiful view in Budapest – even when it’s cold outside.

The newest addition to the bubble bar map of the Old Continent is Popup Bubble Bar by Intermezzo Roof Terrace.

The rooftop bar on top of Hotel President has three differently styled 30 m2 bubbles: bar, bistro and lounge – writes.

Wall of padlocks also added

Besides the bubble bar, the hotel also introduced a so-called wall of padlocks at the Intermezzo Roof Terrace. What is a wall of padlocks? You might have seen something like this is several big cities: couples can put their own locks on the wall with their names on them, and close it – it’s like a sign of belonging together and eternal love.

If you don’t have a padlock but you and your partner feel like adding yours to the wall, no problem: the staff is prepared for everything so you can buy a lock at the bar, too. ;)

Good to know

The bubbles are covered but not heated, and are available for anyone – not only for hotel guests. If you want to enjoy some bubbly or not bubbly drinks here, we highly recommend the reservation. It’s for free, just like the entry. Drinks and bar food are approximately for the same price like in any other city centre spot.

For more info, check out their website:


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