Gap-filling confectionery opened in the Buda Hills: don't miss Eber Dessert if you're in the 12th district
Posted by Budnews · May 15, 2019

Mesmerizing view and heavenly desserts await.

There is a small, beautiful building up in the 12th district: the former station of the horse railway. We almost lost this beauty forever because of its bad condition, but it has been saved in almost the last few minutes. The reconstruction of the more than 150-year old building was completed by 2017 and since then it's operating as an event center and as a mini local history museum. Originally, they dreamed a salon and a pastry shop here, and the latter became reality in 2019 with the move in of Eber Dessert.

Eber does not want to be a restaurant, not even a trendy everything-free confectionery, they just want to create a reliable, steady place, where excursionist can start the trip with a big bag of potato scones. Tired wanderers can also come in after the trip for calorie supply. They also provide big help for the area, as the local people don't have to go to Széll Kálmán Square anymore, if they need a few slices of cake for a birthday party or after a rush day.

Eber offers French-style sweets, so classics is new version (eg Eszterházy cake) can fit in the supply just as newer creations. Cheese and potato scones are are delicious, but our new favorite is the „walking stick”, which is perfect snack for a forest picnic. If you want something sweet, they have raspberry - pistachio mousse, cottage cheese dessert with passion fruit or salty caramel bubble dessert, just to mention a few of it. They also have tonka bean tiramisu, tapioca pudding from coconut milk and children can get healthy gummy bears. Eber also has premium teas (Zhao Zhou), cool Hungarian rice-based smoothies, and of course coffee.

The environment is beautiful: forest as long as the eye can see. The view from the window looks like a coherent green "wallpaper", which helps to relax better than everything else. You can also take a rest on the terrace in front of the building if the weather permits.

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