We have new favourite brunch place in the city centre: Gentry Coffee & Brunch
Posted by Budnews · May 20, 2019

Although there are so many cafés and brunch places that we couldn't even list them all, there is a unique place that stands out from the field.


Gentry Coffee & Brunch opened only a few weeks ago on 7th May, but already has something extraordinary to offer. In addition to the inner atmosphere that really brings back the upper middle class feeling, there is another speciality of the place. They make everything possible by themselves: sausages, kombucha tea, juices, poached eggs with potatoes and onion, croissants with home-made duck breast ham, pecans and ginger or spare rib ham spinach and salty lemon.

This place is not a classic breakfast bar at all: don't search for the basic bagel and the chocolate croissant, they are way more better than that. Sweet-toothed people can ask for pancakes with chestnut honey, butter and lime or home-made granola, and there are always some cakes, such as carrot cake or different tarts. Thinking about the surrounding offices and university students, they have vegetarian lunch menu and an optional meat dish. The specialty coffee is from Awaken's roaster and they also offer artisan beer, or Bortolomiol Prosecco's Senior Extra Dry or Billecart-Salmon Brut's Réserve. According to the team's promise, the offer will change regularly depending on the available materials and season, so we won't get tired of our breakfast soon!

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