Classic Hungarian snacks for the summer
Posted by Budnews · Jul 12, 2019

Some may sound strange, but believe us, they are divine.

When people travel abroad, they usually want two things: culture and local gastronomy. Now we would like to tell you about a special slice of this second one. We'll show you snacks that we consume almost only in the summer.

Corn on the cob: We surely eat one thing at the beach, on a domestic vacation, or festival: corn on the cob. It's the ultimate summer snack, and it's quite healthy! The original boiled corn on the cob needs only two things to do: corn and water. We put half of the corn husks and these tiny strings into a pot, put the corns on them and then cover the corns with the remained husk. Cook for 15-20 minutes and it's done! Salt it thoroughly when you eat it.

Hungarian scone: Scone („lángos”) is almost one of our national dishes, we HAVE to eat at least once every time at the beach. Lángos is the traditional fried roundel of the Hungarian cuisine, made from soft-dough. The classic, original version has cheese, sour creme, some garlic oil and salt on the top of it.

Fermented cucumber: The fermented, sour cucumber is something that every granny, mom an dad make in summer: they put the pickles in a huge jar filled with water with dill, garlic, peppercorn, salt, and bread on the top. It needs heat and sun to be fermented, so the home-made version can only be made during the summer.

Sour cherry soup: It's strange for many people that we have some kind of dessert at the begging of a lunch, but that’s how it is. Sour cherry soup is a pink fruit soup, often served with whipped cream and in reality it's not a dessert. It's a colt, freshening soup which cools us down in this hot weather.

Hake: Hake is a fish dish named after the fish it's made from. You'll sure see it at Lake Balaton or Római shore in Budapest, and although Hungarian people don't eat many fish, this cannot be left out from the summer experience. It is normally fried in oil and served together with white bread or french fries. It's very easy to eat as the meat can easily be removed from the fish-bones.

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