This is Hungary's 2019 birthday cake
Posted by Budnews · Aug 5, 2019

„Boldogasszony csipkéje” is a raspberry flavored pink miracle.

Hungary got it's own birthday cake every year since 2007 for the national holiday at 20th August. The competition is open to every confectionery in the country, and a prestigious professional jury selects the best of their creations each year. It is a prerequisite that the cake should be a Hungarian-style cake, which can be associated with the National holiday or Hungary, and that it should contain only natural and healthy ingredients. This year, the jury selected the winner from 31 cakes and the best is none other than „Boldogasszony csipkéje” from Norbert Tóth's confectionery at Dunaföldvár.

The cake is named after its main ingredient, as “Boldogasszony csipkéje” (means something like the Lace of Blessed Virgin Mary) is the folksy name for raspberries. The Birthday Cake of 2019 has huge amount of this fruit in it: one cake contains more than 600 grams of raspberries. The cake is made up of a crispy layer, a sponge cake soaked in raspberry, raspberry-white chocolate cream, whipped ganache with lemon and basil, raspberry jam and raspberry meringue. The lace on the top of the cake is made from whipped ganache with lemon and basil, filled with raspberry jam. It is decorated with meringue sprinkles with freeze-dried raspberry pieces and white chocolate inserts tinted green.

The Sugar-Free Cake of Hungary was also announced, which this year became „Kicsi gesztenye” (the Small Chestnut) of László Gyuris, the gold-crowned confectioner of A Cappella Confectionery in Szeged. The flavor of the cake is based on chestnut, which is complemented by the pleasantly sour blueberries and the crunchy hazelnuts. The top of the cake is covered with sugar-free milk chocolate surrounded by chocolate arches, which gives the cake an elegant look in addition to its harmonious, unique taste.

We can taste Hungary's birthday cake and the sugar-free birthday cake from 18th August in hundreds of confectioneries, and of course in the Street of Hungarian Tastes in the Castle Garden Bazaar between 18th and 20th August.

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