Hawaii arrived to Budapest: the most special restaurant in town has opened
Posted by Budnews · Oct 9, 2019

The ONO Poké Bowl Bar brings Hawaii's national food, poké to us in a variety of exciting flavor combinations.

We thought that Budapest has everything we might wish for and that there's basically nothing missing from its gastronomic life. Now we know we were wrong, the newest Hawaii restaurant proved it immediately.

Well, Poké is Hawaii's most famous food, that means a cutting technique in local language. Originally it was diced raw tuna chunks served with sea salt, seaweed, algae and chopped banhul (locally nuts). In the 1970s, with a little Japanese influence, salt was replaced by a juice made from soy sauce, sesame oil and some citrus juice, but the main thing was still the raw fish concept. A few years ago, thanks to the superfood movement, poké was discovered again and conquered all major cities around the world - this time in bowl form, completed with vegetables, legumes, rice and seeds - this is the version that ONO Poké Bowl serves here in Budapest.

By the way, the number of variations is infinite when it comes to ONO Poké bowls. There are six different bowls in standard or small packages, or we can create our own mix. There are two chicken (wasabi mayonnaise and peanut sauce), two salmon (natural and sriracha), an ahi tuna and a vegan bowl on the menu, or you can make your own version. The basics of the bowls are always depend on us: chickpeas, rice, rice noodles, quinoa, zucchini or cabbage – you can always chose your favorite.

If you want to create your own bowl, first you have to chose the carb and protein types, then you have to chose one of the 16 different vegetables, finally you can add the sauce and the selected seeds. This „do-it-yourself” way is a bit difficult, as there are things on the menu board as wakame, edamame or enoki mushroom (we didn't know any of these things previously), and have to decide if you want to have cashews, wasabi peanuts or tamari almonds on your lunch.

They have 3 different toast for breakfast, smoothie bowl with fruits and seeds, granola and porridge, and 8-10 different type of cocktails and long drinks in the evening (including the unique Japanese Roku gin). If you are looking for a true specialty, ONO is your place!

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