Affordable yet elegant Hungarian restaurant opened on Andrássy avenue
Posted by Budnews · Jan 27, 2020

They have the most authentic kitchen we met in the city center!

What do you think when it comes to Hungarian cuisine? The downtown restaurants, specialized for tourists? Or did you have a chance to taste real Hungarian home-made dishes? Well, from now on, you have a good opportunity to do so even in the city center. Andrássy Food and Wine opened its doors and offers the best of the real Hungarian cuisine, even ones that other downtown restaurants don't dare to put on their menus.

Andrássy Food and Wine is a cool yet elegant place, but we won't feel awkward even when we come in jeans and t-shirts. Both their cuisine and wine bar are notable, the guest's chocies will decide if Andrássy Food and Wine fits into the first or he second group. But let's talk about the menu itself. Hungarian bistro cuisine is a rather broad concept - in most cases we call it places that are based on ingredients and recipes of traditional Hungarian cuisine with modern dish dressing. Andrassy Food and Wine fits into this category, but they dared to do what many bistros don't: they put dishes on the menu that are most common in breweries or canteens.

They have Hungarian tapas selection from domestic small producers, and some real Hungarian specialty: „káposztás derelye”, which is some sort of Hungarian cabbage ravioli, deep fried mushrooms, yellow-pea stew, and potatoes „casserole”, for example. They have two kinds of desserts on the menu: cottage cheese dumplings in a lot of sour cream, and the iconic invention of socialism, the winter ice cream - of course in an improved release, with chocolate ganache instead of butter cream. By the way, the menu is not long since we are in a bistro, but it's brave enough anyhow.

As for the wine list: although we can find some foreign sparkling wines on it, only wines from domestic producers are included in the still wine section. Unusually, the supply is not divided on the basis of white and red wines, but on the basis of domestic and foreign grape varieties, with some nice specialty wines from Hungarian wineries.

In conclusion, Andrássy Food and Wine is a very nice place, with a great selection of flavors and a rich wine selection. It's a perfect place for a date, a business lunch or a good conversation. If you want to eat real Hungarian dishes, we highly recommend it!

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