Black Food Festival 2020
Posted by Budnews · Feb 10, 2020

Where black is the new black.

Black Food Festival is a really special event. It was first held in Budapest in November 2018, and has been premiered in 10 cities worldwide since then. In addition to Budapest, people from Berlin, Tel Aviv, Helsinki, New York, Istanbul, London, Nairobi, Kigali and Tallinn had the opportunity to meet the dark side of gastronomy. But what is this event? The official description says: the festival is about special, high quality food and drink, openness, creativity and love of black. Which means you can eat a lot of delicacies in previously unknown dark or black colors and / or in new forms.

On this day you can taste custom-made products in dark or black colors from the most creative chefs, restaurants, confectioners and other entrepreneurial gastronomy experts of Hungary. This can be a black hamburger, black ice cream, black or other dark colored macaroon or cake, deep brown dark chocolate desserts, bonbons, midnight-black cocktails, high quality coffees, teas, beers, liqueurs, and there will be all natural vegan, vegetarian or gluten-, lactose- and sugar-free delicacies, black sesame, dark or special colored vegetables and fruits, black rice, pasta, beans and much more!

On the top of that, not only food, design & fashion products, but other extras are waiting for you - all tuned to black! The festival will host the Black Food and Beverage Competition, where a prestigious professional jury will award the Black Food of the Year and Black Drink of the Year awards at the end of the day. The festival's DJ will be DJ Infragandhi, who will play live and provide the dark undertones all night long.

Exhibitors will offer small tastings to try black delicacies out, but a full portion of food and drinks will cost several hundred or thousand Forints. The festival will also be available for vegan, gluten and lactose-sensitive people, as well as people with diabetes, as there will be a selection of sugar-free food and drinks. And probably we don't even need to say that the recommended dress code is naturally black!

Date: 31 March

Venue: Off Kultúrszövőgyàr, 1045 Budapest, Berni utca 1.

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