Best and most unique ice creams of the city
Posted by Budnews · Jun 16, 2020

These places are already open, so don’t hesitate!

Summer means one thing for sure: ice cream! Now as the city started to open, ice-cream parlours are also await visitors. Now we collected the best places you should try if you’re in the city.

Cloud 9

Iced desserts are waiting for us in small paper cups with dried and fresh fruits, crumbs and sponge cakes of different flavors around it, so we get not only an ice cream, but a complete iced dessert. This place is specially recommended for those who are open to special combinations such as violet-blackcurrant-yogurt or mango-passionfruit-coconut.

Gelarto Rosa

You've probably heard of the city's rose-shaped ice cream: Gelarto Rosa at the St. Stephen’s Basilica. Their secret is simple but great: cold, creamy and really good ice cream served in beautifully arranged rose shape, it is so good to see how these beautiful and tasty ice creams are created! Try their sorbets or macarons as well, you won’t be disappointed.

A confectioner girl and her husband, who grew up in Italy, got enough of not being able to buy perfect ice cream to their children, so they founded Fagyi. There’s plenty of flavors to choose from, they offer about 100 flavors - not all at once, of course. From classic basic flavors to fantasy-inspired ice creams, we can find everything we might wish for.

Levendula Artisanal Ice Cream

Atmosphere of Provence, excellent Italian and Hungarian ingredients, and the fruit flavored ice-creams that do not contain milk. This is what you can experience if you buy ice cream in Levendula Artisan Ice Cream Shop. You can taste classic and special flavors, like lavender-lemon, strawberry-balsamic vinegar and of course chocolate or vanilla.

MAMO Gelato

MAMO was created to bring the traditions of Italian ice cream making to Budapest and they made it. Their ice creams are simply perfect, and we love that they use chocolate and biscuits to make their sweet treats and to decorate them. Ice creams are made with Italian ingredients and machines. They are not afraid of extreme flavors, and there are many fantasy ice creams besides the classics.

Gelateria Pomo D’Oro

If you like Italian ice cream, you will love Gelateria Pomo D’Oro. This is the little sister of the well-known Pomo D’Oro restaurant, and brings the same quality and Italian hospitality. Their ice creams are made exclusively from premium Italian ingredients with excellent expertise and they also have cakes and other sweets.


If you take a walk in Budapest, you can find several Fragola ice cream parlours. They have classic and some extraordinary flavors, for example buckthorn and mascarpone-chestnut. If you opt for classic flavors or something sugar free, don’t worry: you will enjoy these sweet treats as well.

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