New street food court opened in one of Budapest's favorite places
Posted by Budnews · Jul 14, 2020

If you're visiting the Roman coast in the northern part of Budapest, be sure to check out the Miamor court.

The Roman coast has been one of the busiest parts of Budapest for years. Countless restaurants await visitors right on the banks of the Danube during the summer, with delicious food, cocktails, beer, wine, music, and an inimitable „Roman coastal” atmosphere. We didn’t even think anything was missing from the neighborhood, but the latest place proved that there is something what we didn’t think of. This is Miamor food court, which awaits visitors with an extra twist. But let’s start with the beginning.

If you go to the Roman coast of Budapest, you can find a super new place between Két Rombusz and the Fellini - Nap bácsi combo. Miamor food court looks like a nice place even at first sight from the outside, thanks to its friendly and inviting image. Entering the garden, we find the stage opposite the entrance, next to the guest house there is a sandy sports court with two beach volleyball courts, and there will even be a playground in the coming weeks, so Miamor is perfect for the whole family.

Being a street food court, the courtyard includes an ice cream counter overlooking the street, a Mexican food cart for meat lovers (Ladrillos), a vegan burger cart (Las Vegan’s), and a bar, and in early August, Pizza Me also moves into the courtyard. This means that the food supply of the Roman coast is expanding even further and the traditionall offer of the neighbourhood is shifting towards the trendy downtown supply.

In addition to food, Miamor also offers concerts and the aforementioned rentable sports fields, so it’s not only good for eating or organizing a friendly evening, but also for playing sports, beach volleyball or watching a good movie or a concert.

And Miamor is expanding even further: it can currently accommodate roughly 200 people, but they want to increase that number up to 300-400 people. There are also plan to take advantage of the upper and lower shores of the Danube shoreline, and even want to set up a floating venue on the water. The Instagram photo wall and the 5x3 meter LED wall will soon arrive, which will be set up behind the stage and where we can watch movies and major sports broadcasts, but they will be careful not to turn it into a sports pub.

Miamor is open every day, from early afternoon to evening on weekdays, and closes at midnight on weekends. By the way, they are open from March to the end of October, and there will be a larger event tent so that we can have parties here in bad weather and occasionally even during the winter.

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