Top 5 most summerish bars in Budapest
Posted by Budnews · Aug 8, 2020

During summer, one always looks for something a little different than in winter, fall, or spring. Enjoy the sunshine, the warmth, the nature. The same considerations also play a huge role when choosing a place to drink in the evening. Here is our completely subjective top 5 list of the best summer places.


This member of the summer nights in Budapest does not have to be introduced to anyone. Various acoustic concerts, cold drinks, and if we get hungry, the masterpieces of Blitz Pizza arrive. If we are preparing for the evening party here, it is worth arriving early, because the tables are running out quickly, but if we are planning an afternoon conversation, we can expect a particularly peaceful, calm atmosphere.

Dunaparty Megálló

Halfway between Újbuda and Budafok, behind a former factory, there is a classic buffet, the Dunaparty Megálló, which has been converted to a bar from a British bus 15 years ago. They started with classic lángos, fish and pancakes, but last year a special American bus also boarded next to their red London companions and offers well-packed hot dogs. At Dunaparty Megálló we can get beer and lemonade for a friendly price, and enjoy the proximity of the Danube.

Két Rombusz

Talking about buses: no one should miss Két Rombusz, the ruin pub on the Roman shore: if we see two ruined double-decker buses behind a green fence, we’ve reached our destination. In addition to the cheap drinks and lángos, we also love it because the concept. We can spend time in the red faux leather-covered seats of the buses, there are hammocks, pillows and benches closer to ground level. It is accompanied by a romantic atmosphere and the fact that the Danube is at your fingertips.

Hippie Island

Hippie Island is a cult place on Margaret Island. You can find your place on the huge inner terrace even if you want to have a cocktail sitting at a table, relax in a beanbag chair or watch the match of the day on a projector. Hippie Island is always full, but thanks to its size, we can always find another table for ourselves.

Fruska Picnic & Bistro

Provencal atmosphere in the greenest part of Lágymányos, on the Kopaszi dam. Whether you’re aiming for an afternoon chill or a nice weekend, it’s worth coming by bike to the calm, green island and then sitting in Fruska for a fine wine and a few good bites. If you want an even more romantic, chilling experience, you can pre-order a picnic basket and drinks from the menu, and then you can lie down in the grass in any place of the dam to enjoy the summer.

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