These are Hungary’s birthday cakes in 2020
Posted by Budnews · Aug 18, 2020

Although the central ceremony on August 20. was called off this year, the Country’s Cake was chosen, and now we can taste it in confectioneries across the country.

August 20 is the largest state holiday in Hungary, the celebration of state foundation. There are many traditions attached to it, one of which is the election of the Country’s Cake. It’s not August 20th without the Country’ Cake, not even if all other ceremonies are canceled. So (much to my delight) the competition took place, and winner of the Country’s Cake and Country’s Sugar-Free Cake competitions was announced.

The Country’s Cake in 2020 is a creation called Curiositas, by Krisztián Füredi from Hisztéria confectionery in Tápiószecső. The country 's cake must always have some kind of Hungaricum, some characteristic Hungarian taste and tradition in it. In the case of Curiositas, this is quince. The cake has a really special and good-sounding taste: white chocolate sponge cake with saffron quince jelly, biscuit-white chocolate crispy layer, hazelnut ganache, almond mousse, and on top of it a milk chocolate coating makes it perfect.

The sugar-free cake of the country sounds similarly exciting. This is the Midsummer Night's Dream, a specialty of Jókenyér Confectionery in Pilisszentiván. The taste of the cake is determined by the cherry: it contains pleasantly sour, cinnamon sour cherry jam, light sour cherry whipped cream and cream-oatmeal cream. The cake is covered with sugar-free white chocolate, which is covered in a wreath-like layer of lyophilized cherries. Of course, the sugar-free cake of the country does not contain added sugar, and according to the data of the National Association of Hungarian Dietitians, it contains 13.3 g of carbohydrates and 252.5 kcal per slice, so it is perfect for diabetics as well.

The cakes can be tasted in confectioneries across the country from August 19th.

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