Cloe Cafe – a place to visit and to fall in love with instantly
Posted by Budnews · Aug 18, 2020

Beautiful, elegant, girly wonderland in the downtown with wonderful cakes and cool champagne… who could resist to a visit at Cloe Cafe?

When you feel a little bit tired from sightseeing, and would like to have a break and enjoy a nice cake, a coffee or a glass of champagne, you can choose from so many nice and friendly places to do so in the downtown.

But what about an exquisite date with your best girlfriends or with yourself (yes, the well-deserved me time)? Well, if you say yes for it, try Cloe Cafe – you will see from the street already, that this is an extraordinary place.

By entering the door, you will smell the mix of cakes, flowers and luxury perfume – this fits perfectly to the atmosphere in there. And yes, you will spot one of the best selfie spots in the café in just a second.

When I visited the place with one of my best friends (a girl, obviously ;)), we were enchanted at the same moment we entered. A friendly waiter showed us a nice table and brought us menu cards.

We pointed at two cakes at random, my friend chose a lemonade and I decided to try their champagne, made in a collaboration with Laposa winery. We were both satisfied with our decisions. The champagne and the lemonade were quite delicious and the cakes… oh my, those cakes were heavenly!

The place is absolutely amazing, we would highly recommend a visit in there for everyone who likes girly, elegant, beautiful and friendly cafés with lots of flowers and premium quality food, desserts and drinks.

The prices, well, if you compare their prices to other cafés, you may find that Cloe Cafe is not quite cheap: my cake and champagne were around 3300 HUF (almost 10 EUR). But if you are willing to pay for super quality food and drinks, and of course for the unique atmosphere, this place will be absolutely worth visiting.

Our tip: check out the restroom, as well, because it is also luxurious. And under the stairs, you will find another awesome selfie spot. ;)

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